Heating Controls

About the Worcester Wave ( Picture attached )

The Worcester Wave is a smart, internet-connected programmable room thermostat which allows you to control both your central heating and hot water. The Wave can be controlled and programmed using a compatible Apple iOS or Android device across an existing Wi-Fi network. Simply download the Wave app to your device to take full control of your heating system from anywhere in the world where an internet connection is available.

The Wave’s intuitive and modern design ensures it is very simple to operate using either its in-built touchscreen or the interface on the app via your smart phone or tablet from wherever you are.

The Wave app. allows you to make adjustments to your required room temperature whenever you like. It also allows you to choose the times that you want the hot water to be on, and what temperature your central heating should reach while it is on. It will allow you to select different temperatures in your home at different times of the day (and days of the week) to meet your comfort needs.

The Wave offers a host of innovative features including Weather Compensation, Home Presence Detection and Load Compensation.

The Wave uses Load Compensation as standard to continuously monitor and control the room temperature during your programmed central heating times. This function offers energy savings compared to standard on/off controls. The compensation feature means that, rather than just switching the boiler on and off, it will adjust the flow temperature of the central heating water in line with your central heating set temperature. The smaller the difference between the actual temperature and the set-point temperature, the lower the flow temperature from the boiler. Load Compensation minimises boiler cycling so less energy is wasted in firing up the boiler after each ‘off’ cycle. Radiator temperature may be considerably lower.