Installation of Central Heating System Magnetic Filters



The introduction of magnetic system filters into a central heating system has now become the norm on all new boiler installations, with many manufacturers making it a requirement to validate their Warranties. When fitted at the installation stage of a new boiler is when at its most cost  effective, but retro-fitting on an older system is always recommended. EMD Heating can carry out a survey of the condition your heating system is in, and advise as to what improvements can be made, works required etc, to bring the system up to its most efficient.

Anything that can help protect your boiler from expensive breakdown costs, new or old, has got to be a good thing. Fitted on the primary pipework the filters protect the boiler from contaminants reaching the heat exchanger and components, can also be used as a convenient dosing point to add system cleaning chemicals and inhibitors. Installed from as little as £195 it is an investment worth considering. Call or email us now for more information.

The Fernox TF1 Compact (UK patent pending 0806091.5) is a high performance in-line filter, which allows hydrocyclonic action to deliver contaminants to the unit’s specially designed magnet assembly, removing and containing them from the system water.
The Fernox TF1 Compact has been developed to fit into domestic heating systems where installation access may be restricted. In situations where headroom is limited, the TF1 Compact can be installed at an angle of 45 degrees without compromising performance, to allow magnet removal when cleaning the unit.

  • A high performance in- line system filter
  • Ideal for use in restricted spaces and access areas
  • Easy to fit – multiple orientation capability
  • Fast and easy to clean without dismantling unit
  • Removes system contaminants
  • Fits vertical and horizontal pipework
  • Will not block or restrict flow

Download the product specification